Deluxe MediaCloud

The Deluxe MediaCloud service platform offers a number of advantages over traditional broadcast platforms. Here we highlight some of the key benefits that Customers can utilize today. The MediaCloud platform was launched to great acclaim at the NAB conference of 2013; since then, it has strengthened its service portfolio and continued to innovate across the broadcast services spectrum.

Deluxe undertook the development of its MediaCloud platform as a direct response to challenges that Broadcasters and Content owners have in leveraging their brand across the television market place and broadcast value chain.

The MediaCloud platform is entirely modular, with each module working seamlessly together when needed, and entirely independently when appropriate.

NAB Supply Chain Overview

Portal and PortaLive control and interfaces

LAS VEGAS April 2015 Deluxe will showcase its latest product innovations and services at the 2015 NAB Show at booth #SU8905.


Edge-based IP transport platform, delivering low latency, format agnostic, high QOS and secure broadcast delivery to TX and/or RX SDI, IP and ASI supporting up to 16 live broadcast streams.
Enterprise-based IP transport platform with full muxing capability and secure transport management up to 128 live broadcast streams.
Live Broadcast Camera
Broadcast camera attached to the MediaCloud low-latency software encoder.
MediaCloud’s low-latency software encoder delivering less than 4 frames latency h.264 broadcast resolution encoding.
Flat panel display used to show the decoded live broadcast camera signal.
Internet connectivity between Las Vegas Convention Centre and the MediaCloud data centre in London.
Playout Engines
Broadcast based playout servers delivering HD/SD
Off-air signals and channels received from satellite in Germany and UAE
NOC Video Wall
Multi-flat panel video wall used to display all channels and streams under the control of MediaCloud operations.

For Broadcasters, Deluxe MediaCloud will demonstrate its revolutionary software-based platform that gives broadcasters an alternative to legacy owned and operated hardware-centric broadcast infrastructure. Released from the limitations of geography and free of the demands and expense of dedicated facilities, the Deluxe MediaCloud platform transforms the broadcast chain and offers a more agile, resilient and cost-effective solution.
The IP-based software platform will broaden distribution, generate new revenue streams, and take the costs out of the supply chain. Broadcasters can now more efficiently manage media assets, and play-out and deliver channels anytime, anywhere to any platform in any format.

Deluxe MediaCloud will also be demonstrating their end-to-end linear 4K workflow, using multiple connectivity paths through different ISPs, live and in real-time, streamed directly to the Deluxe booth.

Using Portal, we demonstrated the management and browsing of pre-recorded broadcast content, alongside its comprehensive metadata management functions. We used its "schedule aware" capabilities to not only display content as part of a broadcast schedule, but also create follow-on schedules with complex secondary event rules applied, securely over the Public Internet.

Using a Live Camera feed at our stand in South Upper, we used our low-latency software encoder (LLSE) to encode a broadcast-quality HD stream from the camera, transport the live stream back to our Network Operations Centre in Sweden, and decode the feed to a local monitor.

We filmed that feed via a local camera in Sweden, re-encoded it via our LLSE and transported the feed back to the LV Convention Centre, to decode once again to the monitor wall on our stand.

The entire end-to-end round trip took less than 2 seconds, 2,000ms or 50 frames.

The latency in the internet connection itself was 250ms; we added a 250ms buffer to the transmission and receive leg, giving a round trip network latency of 1,000ms. The remaining 1,000ms was down to the encoding (160ms) and decoding (340ms) processes at each site.

Using our Master Control platform PortaLive, we routed over 20 feeds into the LV Convention Centre. These feeds included “Live” broadcast streams out of our NAB Demo Channel from London, and other off-air sources that are managed through our Transport Network. PortaLive is a web-based control application for controlling, routing, and recording live broadcast feeds.

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Account Manager
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Account Manager

Broadcast Technology

Most CTOs and leaders of Technology teams find themselves in an difficult position in today’s fast moving world. On the one hand, the programming, sales and creative teams need to react quickly to maximise revenues, while at the same time the finance team is under pressure to reduce costs. In the middle of this is the land of the CTO; a figure trying to steer a delicate path of enabling growth while managing technology costs. In the traditional, hardware-based model, the most important tool of the CTO is often a crystal ball. The CTO is expected to make a decision about the future technology requirements, possibly for the next 3 to 5 years, while the wider industry is often debating where the audiences will take them over the next 6 to 12 months. The CTO is also tasked with balancing risk for the business. The Deluxe MediaCloud technology brings broadcast-grade thinking to the IT world.

Our technology, which leverages from the proven advances made in virtualisation and cloud computing, can be flexed to meet demand either on a tactical or strategic basis. If a channel needs to launch in what traditionally would be an unrealistic timescale, MediaCloud can help. If an existing channel needs to be distributed to a new territory without the traditional long lead time and high cost of uplink and space-segment, MediaCloud can help. If there’s a special event that needs to be covered for a short period of time, MediaCloud can help. From a CTO’s perspective, MediaCloud gives you the ability to say ‘yes’ more quickly, more often and with more certainty around quality of service.

Programming and Channels

Programming or Channel Directors are constantly being bombarded with new suggestions for how they can get closer to their audience, launch new channels, rebrand a channel/strand quickly and easily, ensure Social Network engagement, leverage second-screen apps to improve audience appreciation, and provide new opportunities for advertisers and sponsors. In the traditional broadcast model, none of this is possible without an investment in technology (hardware and software), and without engaging internal specialists to help build the business case for setting up the new systems.

Building the business case will often generate more questions than answers and, as a result can become a slow process. Deluxe’s MediaCloud solution solves these problems, as well as offering a broadcast-grade set of services. The platform offers the ultimate in flexibility. If a new channel is needed, be it a short term ‘pop up’ channel, a barker channel, a time-shifted channel, or a full blown channel, the set-up on the MediaCloud platform can be accomplished in a number of days. Often the only limitations will be upstream (content acquisition, scheduling etc) or downstream (carriage agreements, connectivity, EPG slots etc) of Deluxe.

Our specialists can listen carefully to your requirements, and configure our system to meet those requirements straight away. Should those requirements change, for instance a move to HD, a change of graphics style, addition of voice-overs etc, these are usually a simple re-configuration. That’s the benefit of the platform being largely software-based and leveraging from virtualisation technology.

Another benefit is that at the start of any relationship, we will produce a rate-card that we will stand by. As a programme or channel director, you can use this to build your business case, or even undertake scenario planning. We’ll even work with you to set up a proof of concept for anything new and interesting, if it helps you sell the idea to your board. Taking an iPad into a critical meeting with a demonstration of your idea actually working, is a whole lot more compelling than a Powerpoint presentation.

Broadcast Operations

The operations team lives at the sharp end of every media business. However many creative, commissioning, channel development, sales and other teams work in the business, it’s down to the operations team to deliver 24/7. One challenge faced by most operations directors, is the changing nature of their businesses. New channels will be devised, new delivery mechanisms will be required, new content suppliers will emerge, new ‘sales’ and ‘sponsorship’ models will be suggested, new tape and file formats will be devised, etc. In a world where flexibility and reactivity is a must, sometimes it feels like the operations team is the last to know.

Operations needs to plan its staffing levels a long time in advance to ensure that the right amount of cover is provided at the right skill level, in the right place, to support all the different revenue-generating, audience-facing activities. One solution, in the traditional model, is to ensure that there is always enough in-house staffing and facility ‘headroom’ to cope with unusual peaks or one-off requirements. Another solution is to outsource the operation entirely to a service provider who can leverage their scale to cope with the peaks and troughs. On a personal level, broadcast operations directors are often conflicted between what’s best for the business, what’s best for their team, and what’s best for them. Deluxe MediaCloud offers the perfect balance and flexibility that addresses all these operational concerns.

The MediaCloud platform can support an entirely outsourced operation, providing a full end-to-end service from content preparation through to delivery to the end platform. The MediaCloud platform can just as easily be offered as a state-of-the-art solution to allow continued in-sourced operation, so that the staff who already understand the DNA of the channel can continue to run it, but using the MediaCloud technology. Alternatively, there’s the hybrid model where certain elements of the operation can be outsourced with others remaining in house.

MediaCloud offers the ultimate in flexibility, both operationally and commercially.

Finance or Procurement

In many companies, the necessary financial governance structures and approvals processes are seen as ‘blockers’ to progress. Creative and programming teams are so enthused by the latest great idea, that they find it challenging to have to work up business cases for capex approval or headcount. As a result, they will often be ‘creative’ about how they achieve their ultimate goals.

The technology team can often be frustrated too. Over a 3 or 5 year refresh cycle, they’ll accrue for expected capex spend, only to find that this accrual has been mysteriously released to solve someone else’s problem. This can mean that a lack of control is the result, or capex approved for one project can find its way into a different project. This can make accurate reporting, asset tracking and maintaining an accurate balance sheet somewhat challenging!

The benefit that the MediaCloud solution brings the finance team is that there is in general no capex to worry about. At the start of any relationship, we’ll agree a flexible and transparent rate-card for new services. We’ll also structure the commercial arrangements such that a monthly fee will cover the standard set of services required at that moment in time.

We’ll also set up a ‘pay as you go’ arrangement for additional services. This means that with MediaCloud, you can be sure that you’re only paying for services that you are actually using, yet have the flexibility to scale for those one-off events.